Disability Scholarships

Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities

Unless otherwise noted, the Office of Special Scholarship Programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) does not administer or sponsor the programs listed on its website. The content of these pages are merely a guide for current undergraduate and professional school students at UIC. Deadlines are subject to change without notice, and for questions or contact information, please refer to the website that the short description is linked to. This webpage also does not represent an exhaustive list of awards in this area.


Council of Citizens with Low Vision International Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program three (3) awards of $3000 each available to full-time college students with low vision, chosen from among those who meet the visual acuity and academic guidelines


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Business Plan Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Have you written a business plan for a competition, class, or to further your own entrepreneurial ventures? If so, we invite you to apply for the Business Plan Scholarship From Fit Small Business. We are interested in finding out what you learned from writing a business plan. Instead of providing us with a business plan, to apply for the scholarship submit a 500 to 1,000 word essay on “What I learned from writing a business plan”. The winner will receive a $1000 scholarship.

The Business Plan is awarded twice annually, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. It will be awarded in 2017 and for the foreseeable future.

Spring Semester: Accepting submissions from January 1st through April 1st. Winner will be announced by April 15.
Fall Semester: Accepting submissions from August 1st through November 1st. Winner will be announced by November 15.

Lilly Reintegration Scholarship awards to students who are diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizophreniform, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar type I disorder; pays for educational opporutnities such as: high school equivalency programs, trade or vocational school programs, associate degrees, bachelors' degrees or graduate degrees


Shire Biopharmaceuticals ADHD Scholarship Program twenty-five (25) awards of $2,000 and one year of ADHD coaching services given to students either entering or currently attending college who have been diagnosed with ADHD and are under the care of a licensed health care provider; must be a legal resident of the U.S.
Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarships for Survivors  twelve (12) awards of $3,000 each given to students under the age of 25 who are survivors/current patients of a diagnosis of cancer or a critical or life threatening disease


Alexander Graham Bell College Scholarship Awards Program several scholarships for deaf and hard of hearing undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees at mainstream universities; awards range from $1,000-$10,000
American Council of the Blind Scholarship Approximately 20 scholarships ranging in amounts from $1,000-$2,500 to vocational, entering freshmen, undergraduate and graduate college students who are legally blind, maintain a 3.3 GPA and are involved in their school/local community. Please note: this award does not currently have an active page on the council website; it probably goes up when the competition opens in December. You can contact the Council National Headquarters in the meantime at: (202) 467-5081 or (800) 424-8666
Incight Scholarship awards for students with a documented disability (can be physical, learning, cognitive); funding to assist students paying for full-time attendance at a trade school, college or university
National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program thirty (3) awards ranging between $3000-$12,000 given nationally to legally blind students pursuing a full-time, post-secondary degree
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Scholarship Program awards for individuals 15 and older who have either gone through cancer treatment, are currently undertaking cancer treatment, or were affected by the diagnosis and treatment of a parent or guardian
Chicago Lighthouse Scholarship awards to visually impaired, legally blind, totally blind or multi-disabled college students; priority is given to students who reside in Illinois and in the greater Chicago area (southern Wisconsin, northwest Indiana). Awards range between $1000-$5000


Blind Veterans Association Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship for the dependents (e.g. children and spouses) of veterans who have a documented sight impairment or are legally blind
Christian Record Services Scholarship partial scholarships for students considered legally blind (up to 20/200 with correction) attending an undergraduate institution full-time; student must secure training that will enable self-support and independence while at school
Colburn-Keenan Foundation | Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship Program offered to ten (10) undergraduate students with bleeding disorders attending colleges or universities in the United States; awards in the amount of $4,000 per student per year; offered on a one-year basis to help students with costs associated with obtaining a higher education degree
Gallaudet University Alumni Association Graduate Fellowship Fund used to provide financial assistance to deaf graduates of Gallaudet University and other accredited colleges and universities in pursuit of graduate study at colleges and universities for people who hear normally
Hemophilia Federation of America Educational Scholarships ten awards of $1,500 each to promising students in the bleeding disorders community


American Foundation for the Blind Scholarships Group of multiple scholarships for various fields for undergraduate and graduate students who are legally blind. Award descriptions are listed on the foundation's scholarships page
Soozie Courter Hemophilia Scholarship Program awards for undergraduates ($2,500 each) and graduate students ($4,000 each) who have been diagnosed with Hemophilia A or B


La Sertoma Rose Runzler Memorial Scholarship Program award of $500 to a visually handicapped student who has completed or in the process of completing a bachelor's degree and has declared intent to continue graduate study leading to professional competence (e.g. law, education, medicine)
National Hemophilia Foundation Kevin Child Scholarship award given to an individual diagnosed with hemophilia A or B; must be a high school senior, with aspirations of attending an institute of higher education (college, university or vocational-technical school) or a current college student already pursuing a post secondary education


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Variable Deadline
CF Care Forward Scholarship | Abbott Labs for undergraduate and graduate students living with cystic fibrosis who are pursuing higher education; forty (40) awards of $2,500 each, with the opportunity to be chosen for one of two Thriving Student awards (one for undergraduate level, one for graduate level)
The Geoffrey Foundation Scholarships for students who are deaf or hard of hearing and utilizing an auditory/verbal approach to communication will receive varying amount of award.
Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired William and Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship two awards for legally blind students studying at the post-secondary level for a career in the field of services to persons who are blind or visually impaired. Please note: this scholarship is award every other year (during even-numbered years). Contact the association office for more questions at (703) 671-4500 or by email at scholarships@aerbvi.org
ChairScholars Foundation Scholarship awarded to high school seniors and college undergrads whose disability leaves them physically challenged and may be "chair-confined"; the physical challenge must be significant, no minor disabilities; awards of up to $20,000 to pay college tuition
Spina Bifida Assocation of America Scholarship Program up to six (6) awards of $2,000 each given to students with spina bifida who are pursuing a higher education