Scott Wilson

Brian Richey

Rena Patel

Kathleen Odell

Joanna Michel

Anagha Loharikar

David Boren

Igor Rodriguez

Gina Caneva

Eugene Choe

2005 NSEP Boren Scholarship (Morocco)
2004 NSEP Boren Scholarship (South Korea)

National Security Education Program Boren Undergraduate Scholarship winner

“I had always wanted to study abroad, and during my sophomore year I began researching UIC’s study abroad programs. My biggest obstacle, unfortunately, was funding. An advisor at OSSP introduced me to the National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Scholarship. My military background and my aspirations for a career in intelligence made me an ideal candidate for the award. I was awarded the scholarship and it funded an intensive Arabic language program in Morocco. The NSEP proved to be an incredible resource long after my study abroad program was over. The award led me to where I am today.”